Setting an early coal phase-out date is the critical first step to reach net zero emissions. Setting an early coal phase-out date is the critical first step to reach net zero emissions.

South Korea must take opportunity to end coal power and accelerate renewables build-out by 2028

Innovative financial mechanisms have a critical role to play in smoothing the just and inclusive transition from coal to clean energy. 

Financing the Transition from Coal to Clean Energy

Poland, Czechia, Bulgaria, and Romania can become leaders in Just Transition and switch from coal to clean while contributing to industrial leadership of Europe.

Economics drive coal phase-out in Central and Eastern Europe

New analysis shows the global transition from coal to clean energy has reached a financial tipping point

Coal power retirement could save $100 billion

Renewables are outperforming coal around the world.

Coal cannot be the answer to Covid-19

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Spanish utilities aim to decarbonize faster

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Coal-to-gas switch slashes U.S. power sector CO2

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The EU ETS: Back in the spotlight

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The inevitable decline of Australia’s coal generation

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Companies reduce exposure to coal as climate risks increase

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Xcel energy’s push to decarbonize

Solar power in Indonesia

Coal will play minor role in expanding access to energy

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Chile’s new coal fleet challenged by renewables and air pollution

A wind farm, under construction

Orsted’s profitable transformation from oil, gas and coal to renewables

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Under pressure: coal economics overtaken by solar and wind

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UK Government policy ushers coal towards retirement

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Sunnier times ahead for coal workers in renewables, tech

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UK retreats from coal, helped along by Drax plant conversion to biomass

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South Korea’s environmental ambition tackles the coal challenge

India Solar thermal power plant. Credit Brahma Kumaris/Flikr

Indian coal power faces long-term headwinds