Video: PPCA Webinar “How to retire early”

The first PPCA webinar brought together world-leading experts and policy makers to discuss new financial strategies that can be used to speed up the replacement of uncompetitive, polluting coal with cheaper clean energy.

The "How to retire early" webinar launched the PPCA webinar series. Francis Pigeon from the Canadian Government spoke about critical priorities for the PPCA in the lead up to COP26 next year: building a vibrant and diverse membership, deepening engagement with coal-intensive economies, and phasing out international coal finance.

Danish Climate Ambassador Tomas Anker Christensen highlighted favourable political and economic circumstances for accelerating coal phase-out, and Denmark's efforts to support the transition of coal-intensive economies and rally ambition in the lead up to COP26.

Paul Bodnar, Managing Director of the Rocky Mountain Institute presented a recent analysis of the collapsing competitiveness of coal with respect to renewables and a three-step plan for how governments and public finance institutions can engineer a faster phaseout, including by refinancing coal assets, and reinvesting parts of the new capital in clean energy and a just transition.

The discussion that followed, featuring insights from Mafalda Duarte, CEO of Climate Investment Funds and Dr Grové Steyn, Managing Director of Meridian Economics, explored the necessity, practical implications and design of the different financial tools for accelerating coal phase-out in various regions.

Closing the webinar, Ed Webber from the UK Government spoke about key outcomes the UK government wants to achieve under its energy transition campaign in the lead up to COP26, which includes a new framework for financial and technical assistance to support countries with strong dependence on coal power and mining in making a stable and just transition.